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Welcome to Everything against Straling, the web shop of Stralingsvrijhuis is a producer, importer and distributor of radiation protection products. 'Everything against radiation' is the web shop of Stralingsvrijhuis.
In addition, Radiation Free House provides the training for Radiation Expert and we carry out radiation investigations, for example at your home, at the office, schools and companies (industry).

Measuring radiation is an important advice moment. You get a good picture of the radiation problem at your location. You get all the explanation and answers to your questions about radiation during the measurement. Based on the measurement data you can make a plan to solve the problems. We are happy to advise on this with regard to a radiation investigation. Look here for more information about radiation measurement and how you can make an appointment for a radiation investigation.

We supply various products to reduce or fully resolve the effects caused by radiation. Moreover, we are specialized in examining your body for radiation load

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