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OM TAT SAT Harmonie, centrering en onvoorwaardelijke vertrouwen
liefde voor iedereen en alles. Steeds dieper bewustzijn over wie we werkelijk zijn, waar we de weg zijn vergeten, waar we oordelen en waar we onze neutraliteit hebben verloren. Het brengt ons terug naar ons centrum in een totaal en gewoon ZIJN. Helpt onze dromen waar te maken.
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OM TAT SAT geeft de dragen een steeds groter gevoel van harmonie en vrede, innerlijk en uiterlijke balans.  Het leert de drager om werkelijk onvoorwaardelijk te vertrouwen in de Creatie. Steeds meer durf je de dingen werkelijk te nemen zoals ze zijn. Steeds meer leer je jezlef werkelijk lief te hebben en om alles wat gebeurd met liefde te omarmen.

 Als je de OM TAT SAT vast houdt met beide handen, zul je snel merken dat je hart weer opent, dat het licht zich verspreid en alle andere chakra ook opent als dat nodig is. We ervaren dan meer en meer vrede en geluk.


Harmony, centering and unconditional trust. The OM TAT SAT is a product of the New Age. It is the expression of a perfect Creation of love.

The OM TAT SAT • spreads the energy of harmony, of equilibrium, of inner and outer balance. • it spreads a feeling of inner peace and relaxation and teaches the user to have unconditional trust in Creation. • when we allow the energy of the OM TAT SAT to work upon us, we learn how to step away from the trials of life and just take things as they come. • the ability to love oneself, and to encounter with love all that exists, is strengthened. • when placed in the temple of light, it transmits its properties to the entire effective field range, which extends out to about 55 m. FOSTAC ® The Energy Experience OM TAT SAT Personal use • We grasp the OM TAT SAT with both hands, and in just a few moments the heart chakra will open. From there onward, an ever-increasing field of light spreads out, which opens all the other chakras. This allows blockages to be sensed very easily, so that we can gently attend to these and send out the impulse that releases them. This strengthens our regenerative ability and our immune system. • After a little while, we sense great inner peace and joy. We experience the state of absolute unconditional being. We are Love! • The OM TAT SAT opens up for us the way into our «I am»

OM TAT SAT – the three magic words OM: Freely translated, this means: «God be praised». It is also the pulse of the collective consciousness. When we sing OM, we invoke the unity of all mankind with God. TAT: This signifies «the self». The syllable leads us into self-acceptance and self-love. SAT: The eternal and ever-lasting, the truth –BEING itself. When sung as a mantra, the three syllables lead us into unity with the whole of existence. Self-acceptance and the feeling of unity enable us to immerse ourselves in the pure state of being, and thus to experience inner truth.

OM TAT SAT promotes expansion of love in our hearts for everything living. OM TAT SAT teaches us to be aware of everything that we think, say and do, and especially aware of all that we feel.

It helps us to get to know ourselves, to see where we have lost our orientation, where we tend to judge others and where we have lost our neutrality. It leads us into our own center, into an attitude free from prejudice, into absolute BEING. The living awareness leads into the light, allowing us to maintain and increase our positiveness, so that it can move on from manifestation to materialization.

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